About Us

A New Brand for a New World. EAT PRAY ISLAM Apparel is an original true Lifestyle Brand. The first of its kind bringing you a Unique Lifestyle.

EAT PRAY ISLAM Apparel was launched during Ramadan 2020 divinely inspired amidst the global pandemic and a need for change.

ISLAM is based on Mathematics and Mathematics is ISLAM.

The aim of EAT PRAY ISLAM Apparel is Motivational and Inspirational we want you to be the best that you can be. We want to help Muslims around the world grow in Faith and Spirituality, while at the same time leading productive lives, as Islam teaches, in the context of the modern life of the 21st century.

EAT PRAY ISLAM Apparel aims to help support new Muslims in learning to be steadfast, positive and become the Gods and Goddesses they are destined to become.

Below: The Fam, Brother, James Muhammad left. Sister, Lisa Muhammad Center. Jacques Muhammad (Founder of Eat Pray Islam)