About the Eat Pray Bracelet Program

What is the Eat Pray Bracelet Program? 

We created this program to eliminate the use of coupons, as well as having a sustainable product that will drive traffic to businesses in a repeatable fun way for adults, kids, tourists and locals. Making it easier to receive discounts, incentives and specials. The bracelet program is a Win Win scenario between businesses tourists and locals alike. This bracelet will eliminate the need to keep dozens of coupons in your people's pocket. It's a fashionable souvenir to wear around the island. A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of the bracelet goes to the Willie K  Cancer Campaign, as well as other charities that are listed on our Giving Back  link on our website. 

How does the program work?

Simply wear your bracelet at any of the participating businesses listed on the affiliate link on the website Savings Categories. The affiliate will give you a discount or special incentive.