The EAT PRAY Bracelet is one of the easiest and most successful ways to attract and build a loyal customer base with over 100's of members and growing every day.

  • New Business – placing your listing on the website will ensure an introduction to hundreds of members that are looking for businesses such as yours to enjoy.

  • Build Your Business – a listing with The EAT PRAY Bracelets is the perfect way to introduce your business to members.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Establishment Membership

The key to any member benefits programme is the strength of the offering to the members. The key for your establishment in attracting the most benefit is standing out from the crowd. Our tips include:

  • Making the saving as attractive as possible to ensure the maximum impact for your establishment.

  • Staff training – it's important that all your staff are aware of The EAT PRAY Bracelet benefit. This ensures our members have the best possible introduction to your business so that they not only return but also tell their friends and family all about their pleasant experience.

  • Keeping bracelet holders up to date – regularly provide The EAT PRAY Bracelet with copy for newsletters, i.e.; special offers, competitions, recipes or interesting stories about your establishment. Most importantly let us know of any changes to opening hours, phone numbers, web addresses etc.

If you have any queries about your current listing with EAT PRAY Bracelets or you would like to build traffic to your business by becoming a participating establishment

To order your EAT PRAY Bracelet, please contact us on one of the following: Phone: 808.385.5829 Email: