Laurie Loader - Dec 04, 2019

Eat....Pray....Maui!!!! Where do I start?! What a beautiful way to bring together the importance of reaching your higher self, pursuing your goals and achieving them with a positive attitude, as well as giving back to the world!! We came for our first time to Maui, for my husband to attend a conference, little did I know that I would meet the most amazing person who has developed this way to obtain your dreams as well as give back to the community!! He shared his vision with me of Eat, Pray, Maui and I felt the excitement and desire to share it with my friends and family!!! I look forward to see it catch like wildfire and spread throughout the world!!!! I'm going to be watching to see the bracelets on anybody and everybody throughout the world!!!! Eat, Pray, Maui......Come with me and catch the vision!!!!