Scott Daigle on Dec 06, 2019

AMAZING! Simply amazing is all I can say about Eat, Pray, Maui (EPM). I truly do believe it will play a MAJOR ROLE with respects to being an answer to many of our world problems because in my view, any place in the world where there is a high volume of VISITORS (tourists) there are BUSINESSES. And if there are businesses then there are communities and any place that has a community has people in need who live within it. This concept is so revolutionary I can't believe nobody's ever thought of it before. I mean think about it, Eat, Pray, Bracelets brings tourists and business together in the true Spirit of Aloha not only to benefit the community but the very people in need who actually live their. Moreover,Eat, Pray, Maui (EPM) truly is working with other business and uniting with them in the Aloha Spirit to help make the world a much better place for our children to live in. It's that simple ... only it starts with you ... MAKE IT HAPPEN!